Robots Go Mental

Mental, transfer learning on steroids.
We created an artificial intelligence platform MENTAL to evolve learner agents that perform transfer learning in a way that is orders of magnitude better than classical transfer learning. The agents learn fast and naturally, like humans do. The agents become experts for a certain learning domain. After that, they can learn new categories within this domain by looking only at a few examples. Often, just one example is enough. Generalization is much broader than what one can achieve by classical transfer learning.

Meet Mr. Character…

Mission statement
Build machines that learn fast and naturally, like humans do.
What is it all about?
(The big picture)
An insane capability to learn

In the demo one can see that we trained Mr. Character only on Latin Alphabet. Why didn’t we use a richer data set?

This is because MENTAL has an insane capability to generalize.

Is this MENTAL thing scalable?

Applies like taxes, scales like national debt, and implements faster than anti-immigration laws

Is there a business model behind the platform MENTAL?